About Us

When I envisioned what India & Mills would be, it was something more than just a clothing brand. I wanted to create timeless, sustainable and ethically made pieces that in some way could give back to people and our planet. I have always loved nature, and through spending time in Little Cayman every year I became passionate about the conservation and protecting its native species. 

With all of this in mind, and having had a taste of India the previous year on a work trip, I booked a flight to Rajasthan to travel and connect with artisans. I had a couple of contacts, a sketch book of ideas and little else. I had no idea that ahead of me lay some of the most important and exciting months of my life. I discovered a whole new world of beautiful vibrant colours, culture, heritage and wildlife. I instantly started getting creative, combining my inspiration from Little Cayman and India. India & Mills was no longer just a dream, it became a reality.