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"Timeless, sustainable and ethically made pieces that honour the artisans and inspiration behind them"

Why you will fall in love with India & Mills

  • Slow Ethical Fashion

    We appreciate the skill and time that goes into each and every one of our garments. Our artisans will always work in safe conditions and be paid fairly.

  • Kind to Planet Earth

    We only use natural fabrics. Everything is made in small batches and we don't do multiple shipments to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

  • Preserving Artisanal Skills

    Working with artisans to help preserve the unique crafts passed down through generations. Our garments are made with love and care to be worn year after year.

  • Charity Initiatives

    We want to give back to the people, heritage and nature that inspire our designs. Find out more on our charity initiatives page.

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Hand Embroidery

A beautiful and unique art passed down through generations. Hand embroidery requires a lot of patience, care and attention. Each thread tells a story and blossoms beautifully from our garments.

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